We definitely need a new Public Procurement Law

During the past six months the great part of my efforts was subject to the main aim – to make the processes clearer, quicker and simpler and if I can say that more human. Processes should be in conformity with the needs of those who use the money. I think that to a great extent we succeeded. All amendments in the normative basis have already been done, the main decrees of the Council of Ministers that regulate the processes of distribution of the European money, the control concerning the money, the ways of payment, have already been changed.  Now all managing organs have to present much more information and much earlier. The rights of the beneficiary, that who uses the funds, are guaranteed to a higher degree, including clear terms within which every managing or intermediate organ should react. We are greatly proud that we succeeded to increase the amount of the advance payments -– 35%, I am speaking of municipalities and of infrastructure projects. In years of crisis when there is a very strong pressure concerning the public budgets, the high percentage of these payments is indisputably a gulp of fresh air. In this way municipalities and not only they will speed up the projects realization.