Serious builders remain on the market, companies expand range of activities

Mr. Glosov, on 30 September the re-registration of companies was completed. What do the results show; what is the picture of the construction sector at the moment?
The expectations of the Chamber half a year ago were that from the register would drop out about 1,200-1,500 companies. That expectation was confirmed by the Central Professional Register of Builders. This year during the registration dropped out 1,108 firms. The good thing is that at the expense of that were registered new 438 companies. Hence the register has reduced by some 700-800 firms. The number of companies registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders as of now is over 4,000.
So despite the crisis there are firms that register and want to work?
Yes, we are glad that the majority of companies remain on the market and continue to work. Some have a lot of work while others - less but obviously these are firms that survive and struggle up to now. The registration of new firms means that new players appear on the market, i.e. there is movement in the sector – some drop out while others register and start work. Our experience shows that last year as well as this year the register gets free mainly from the firms that are the so-called dependent on the market, that used the temporary market boom mainly of housing construction and were created with the aim of construction of one, two or several buildings. With the shrinking of the housing market these companies cease their activity but serious builders remain. We have not seen any large construction companies to drop out from the register.