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The budget of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) was the main theme discussed at the session of the Consultative Council to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, said for “Stroitel” newspaper Eng. Svetoslav Glosov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber (BCC). He took part in it along with the […]

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On the sunny Tuesday at the construction site was a holiday no matter that builders were in their working clothes and helmets. Construction, labor protection – for “Glavbolgarstoi” these are serious terms and responsibilities no matter whether it is a work day or holiday. In fact observant inhabitants of the capital from the very beginning […]

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Mr. Ambassador, the United States actively support the judicial reform in Bulgaria, the fight against corruption and organized crime. What is the moment shot of the situation, do you see positive development in some spheres and where should we concentrate our efforts? The government made some very brave steps against organized crime and corruption. Since […]

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What is BCC role and contribution to the work of FIEC? BCC is one of our most active members especially in social problems. We always get perfect expert opinions and constructive recommendations by our colleagues from Bulgaria. As a whole our contacts are very deep and useful. BCC will host the FIEC Congress in 2011. […]

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During the past six months the great part of my efforts was subject to the main aim – to make the processes clearer, quicker and simpler and if I can say that more human. Processes should be in conformity with the needs of those who use the money. I think that to a great extent […]

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“The construction business can rely on public procurement worth BGN 5 billion in 2011,” Regional Development and Public Works Minister Rosen Plevneliev promised at the opening of the new school year in the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG). The funds are under the municipalities; operational programs; ministries of the environment and water; […]

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Mr. Renaldo Mandmets, what is your estimation of Bulgaria concerning the absorption of EU funds? Honestly speaking, the real amount of payments to beneficiaries is only 6%, which is extremely low. If we have in mind the advance payments to beneficiaries, the amount of payments is a little higher but as a whole it remains […]

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Ruse won the special prize “The most beautiful city” in the ranking “The best city to live in Bulgaria” last year. 44 cities ranked in 32 criteria participated in the study. This is a fact that speaks for itself that our city is still one of the most impressive in our country. Ruse municipality strives […]

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The BCC Chairman Eng. Svetoslav Glosov and the delegation led by him in Brussels met with the Bulgarian EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva and Mariana Hrischeva., member of her Cabinet in the EC. They discussed three main themes: absorption of EU funds in Bulgaria, organization of mutual work of the state and construction companies in the […]

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BCC finances the event that gathered Bulgarian and foreign experts in Varna – “Stroitel” newspaper – media partner The sixth in succession and for a third time international scientific conference “Design and construction of buildings and equipment and application of eurocodes” is of particular importance to Bulgaria because it is held in the conditions of […]

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BCC returns from visit to Brussels with a theme of the FIEC Congress in 2011 and topical advice on EU funds absorption straight from the European Commission BCC Chairman – Eng. Svetoslav Glosov took a close view of the FIEC work at the first meeting with the General Director of the European organization Mr. Ulrich […]

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Our aim is to keep definite level of everything that is in life and of use to people. Take the water and sewerage system, the roads – every year hundreds of thousands of levs were put in maintenance and reconstruction of the existing roads, in the construction of new streets. You convinced yourself that if […]

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