Georgi Vassilev: Volunteering is an example from which we must learn

At the "Decent Bulgarians" ceremony, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GP Group AD Georgi Vassilev awarded Eduard Monov from Nedelino for his dedicated volunteering. This summer, Monov paid out of his pocket to travel 100 km to put out a large forest fire in the Zlo Usoe area. He helped against the disaster for three days by sleeping in the fire station. Monov is involved in extinguishing more than 100 fires in different parts of the country.

"The thought of being useful makes you feel good," says Eduard Monov.

"I congratulate everyone present and thank our hosts. Volunteering is a virtue that deserves such an award. Let more and more people help unselfishly and let us appreciate their efforts. Edward is an example we all need to learn from. In our company we pay great attention to such causes and we believe that it is even more important to continue to be such in times of crisis, in which we are currently unprecedentedly placed", said Georgi Vassilev.